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Postdoc and PhD opportunities: Data Science for complex data, behaviors and systems

We are recruiting several PhD and postdoctoral fellows to work on both foundational and applied data science for understanding complex data, behaviors and systems. The topics cover the following

•       Original theories and algorithms for non-IID learning in complex data that is non-independent and identically distributed (non-IID);
•       Original theories and algorithms for deep analytics of complex behaviors including both occurring and non-occurring behaviors;
•       Data science innovation for unified customer representation in an enterprise environment;
•       Short text-based semantic representation for query-answering and chatbot

These positions are available in early 2019, sponsored by Australian government research funding and major industry sponsors. Interested candidates would have got a solid background in statistics, machine learningdata analytics and programming capabilities, demonstrated by publications in major conferences and/or journals in the relevant areas.

For inquiries, please contact
Prof Longbing Cao
Data Science Lab, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

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