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Scholarships for Full-time PhD; in various subjects; at Birmingham City University; in UK

STEAM Scholarships for Full-time PhD Study

Birmingham City University

Qualification type: PhD
Location: Birmingham
Funding for: UK Students, EU Students, International Students
Funding amount: £14,553
Hours: Full Time
Placed on: 5th September 2017
Closes: 13th October 2017

Birmingham City University STEAM Scholarships for full-time PhD study

Building on the success of the University’s investment in 62 STEAM Scholars, launched in October 2016, Birmingham City University is pleased to announce investment in further STEAM PhD scholarships for entry during 2017-18.

Birmingham City University is serious about research and remains committed to a ‘Better, Bigger, Broader, Bolder’ strategy to drive expansion of our research excellence across all our academic subjects. We will ensure new knowledge underpins our entire curriculum and powers collaborative research and innovation activities with external organisations. We are passionate about ensuring our research has impact and delivers societal, cultural and economic benefits for our region and our citizens.

Birmingham City University is renowned for world-leading research in the creative arts subjects. The Arts, when partnered effectively with Physical, Social, and Life Sciences; Technology; Engineering and Mathematics, creates multi-disciplinary “STEAM”, which provides the motive power for ground-breaking research and innovation to discover new knowledge; to solve complex societal challenges and catalyse the creation of novel products and services.

The University has achieved international recognition for “creative innovation” and has recently secured funding from the Arts Council and UK central government for a STEAMhouse Innovation Centre in Digbeth. Here we will unleash creative innovation to stimulate research across all our academic disciplines and power new collaborative partnerships and entrepreneurial activities.

Birmingham was home to the “first age of steam”, with James Watt improving Thomas Newcomen’s steam engine to power Matthew Bolton’s Soho Manufactory in Handsworth. The ‘second age of steam’ is happening in Birmingham in STEAMhouse, less than three miles from the original location.

Our offer for FEBRUARY 2018 intake includes:

BCU STEAM Scholarships
Apply by a deadline of 23:59 on 13 October 2017

To power our STEAM vision, the University is funding a number of “STEAM Scholarships” across our four constituent faculties and we are seeking to attract excellent and highly-motivated post-graduate students to these. The majority will be funded using our “PhD Classic” funding model, which provides a tax-free doctoral stipend at RCUK rates (£14,553 for 2017-18) for three years and a Home fees waiver (£4,195 for 2017-18) for three years. BCU STEAM scholarships are open to application by UK Home, EU and International students and each will receive the same doctoral stipend. The tuition fees waiver is for Home fees, so international students will be required to self-fund the gap between the International and Home student tuition fees. Some STEAM Scholarships will be offered under our Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant (GRTA) model, which combines a 75% tax-free doctoral stipend with 25% employment as an Assistant Lecturer and these will be indicated in the more detailed adverts on our web-site.

Details of all available projects (and how to apply) can be found at:

Deadline: October 13, 2017.

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