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1-3 open PhD positions in Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology


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1-3 open PhD positions in Psychology (SU-160)

The Department of Psychology announces 1-3 open PhD positions for a period of 3 years, without teaching duties. The positions are educational positions that shall provide promising research recruits the opportunity for professional development through studies towards a PhD. The positions are connected to the PhD-programme at the Faculty of Social- and educational sciences, and the Faculty will be the employer. The working place will be at the Department of Psychology.

The Department of Psychology currently has approximately 110 employees and 1100 students. The Department holds a large and diverse research community covering a variety of disciplines within psychology, and offers studies at the bachelor-, master- and PhD level in addition to a study programme in clinical psychology. The Department also has three outpatient clinics that offer out-patient treatment as part of the educational programme in clinical psychology. In addition, the Department participates in extensive local, national and international research collaborations. Our research ambition is to be among the international leaders in some disciplines, and nationally leading in other disciplines of psychology.

The Department of Psychology is now looking for candidates who want to carry out research and formulate innovative themes and challenges within the field of Psychology. The PhD position(s) are announced as open positions within psychology.

Employment will be activated in accordance with existing regulations of 31 January 2006 (

The requirement for the position is a completed master’s degree in psychology, cand. psychol., or education at equivalent level. Applicants with a master’s degree from other fields can be considered if the project description has a strong psychological focus. Applicants must have a strong academic record from their previous studies, and must have a weighted average grade for the last two years of their master’s or equivalent education (equivalent to 120 credits) of B or higher in terms of NTNU’s grading scale. Applicants with no letter grades from previous studies must have an equally good academic foundation. Applicants who are unable to meet these criteria may be admitted only if they can document that they are particularly suitable candidates for education leading to a PhD degree.

In the assessment of the candidates the following qualifications will be emphasized:

  • The research proposal’s quality and feasibility
  • The project’s relevance to the research strategy described in NTNU’s strategy 2011 – 2020 – Knowledge for a better world, and the strategy of the Department of Psychology
  • Grades from the master’s degree/cand.psychol.
  • Research relevant experience such as publications
  • Recommendations/references
  • The quality of the group of supervisors in the form of puclications and external funding
  • Personal skills such as flexibility, excellent cooperation skills and motivation to contribute to a good work environment, will be emphasized

The candidate must establish contact with a potential main supervisor at the Department of Psychology – who also has to support the project and write an evaluation of its feasibility. Applicants without educational background from NTNU must contact potential supervisors at the Department. The Department will assist in establishing contact with supervisors.

The applicant must be fluent in English or in a Scandinavian language.

Payment- and working conditions
The PhD Candidates code 1017, are paid according to the National Salary Scheme. Salary at date of commencement are normally gross NOK 449.400 pr. year, of which 2% is deducted for the State Pension Scheme.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants. The employee is expected to accept possible changes in work tasks. It is essential that the successful candidate is present and available at the Department of Psychology. The applicants must commit to join organized PhD-studies within the employment period.

A good work environment is characterized by diversity. We encourage qualified candidates to apply regardless of gender, disabilities or cultural background. NTNU is an inclusive workplace.

The application
Employment in a PhD position requires admission to the PhD-program in Social Sciences. More information about the PhD programme in Social Sciences with specialization in Psychology is available at If the applicant is not admitted to the PhD-program or has applied for it, an application for such admission must be submitted along with the application for the position and the project description. Application forms for admission to the PhD programme are available at:

The application should include:

  • A project description including a progress plan (5-10 pages). The project description must have a strong foundation in the group of supervisors. The project description must define what the novel aspects of the project are compared to previous research, and how the project will advance research.
  • CV, recommendations, certificates and diplomas
  • Publications and other relevant scientific work
  • Application for admission to the PhD program in Social Sciences
  • Letter from a minimum of two supervisors (main- and co-supervisor, the main supervisor must have a permanent position at the Department of psychology) including:
    • Confirmation that they will supervise the project
    • Argumentation for the project and it’s feasibility (see point 18 in the application for admission to the PhD program)
    • CV with a list of the publications and external funding of the group of supervisors supervisor group

Collaborative work will be taken into account. If it is difficult to identify the applicants share in the collaborative work, a short statement of his/her part therein must be attached.

Information about the applicants may be open to public inspection as provided by the Freedom of Information Act.

For further information about the position contact head of Department Ute Gabriel, phone +47 73591778, e-mail For further information about the PhD programme contact Higher Executive Officer Bente Christensen, phone +47 73591574, e-mail

An application including attachments should be sent electronically through: Documents submitted after the deadline will not be taken into account in the evaluation.

Application deadline: 23.09.18

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