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Funded PhD position; in Novel nonlinear functional analysis methods for singular and impulsive boundary value problems; at Curtin Mathematics Research; Curtin University; in Australia

Applications are invited for Curtin Mathematics Research Scholarship to study at the university. The scholarship is available to Permanent Humanitarian Visa, Australian Permanent Resident, International Students, Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen.

The project aims to develop innovative functional analysis theories and methods to study various complex nonlinear boundary value problems with a particular focus on singular and impulsive problems.

Funded PhD position; in Development of the Inductive Cathode Arc Thruster (iCAT) for highly efficient spacecraft propulsion, Fluid Dynamics, Computational Engineering; at Faculty of Engineering and the Environment; University of Southampton; in Uk

Astronautics Group

Location:  Highfield Campus
Closing Date:   Friday 15 September 2017
Reference:  781716AK

Project Reference: AACE-ASTRO-109

Project Themes: Fluid Dynamics, Computational Engineering


The advantage of electric propulsion (EP) thrusters over traditional chemical thrusters for space propulsion lies in the fact that EP thrusters have a much higher exhaust velocity than chemical thrusters.

Scholarships for Masters programs; in Economics and Finance, Economics and Political Science, Environmental and Food Economics; at University of Milan; in Italy

The Department of Economics, Management, and Quantitative Methods is delighted to offer excellence scholarship of 6.000 euros plus enrolment fee exemption to international students to study at University of Milan in Italy.

The Master degree in Environmental and Food Economics (EFE) is an internationally oriented high-quality program designed to provide students with both an excellent academic background and a practical attitude.

Scholarships for PhD programs; in Physical Activity and Nutrition; Healthy Ageing; and Environmental Sustainability; at University of Queensland; in Australia

The University of Queensland is accepting applications for QUEX PhD Scholarships to study in Australia. Australian and Permanent Residents or NZ citizens, as well as International students, are eligible to apply for this scholarship program.

The University of Queensland and the University of Exeter are seeking exceptional students to join a world-leading,