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Funded PhD position; in Cognitive Brain Research on Attention: Exploring our Ability to Control; within Department of Psychology; at Lehigh University; in USA

Project Description

We are seeking enthusiastic and motivated applicants for a fully funded 5-year PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at Lehigh University.

How do we find our keys among a cluttered desk? How do we maintain the goal of our search across delays? And how does our brain support this ability? The Carlisle Lab conducts research on our ability to control attention and its relationship to memory processes. We use basic behavioral techniques along with eye-tracking, computational modeling, and brain measures from EEG/ERP. Students will gain experience with each of these techniques, making them a flexible researcher. Previous work by Dr. Carlisle has been published in top journals like: Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, and Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance.

The Department of Psychology at Lehigh is committed to close connections between students and advisors, and encourages students to collaborate with other faculty and graduate students in the department. Lehigh University is a well-ranked medium-sized research university located in beautiful Bethlehem, PA. We have a large international student body at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and value diversity and inclusion. Bethlehem hosts many festivals throughout the year, has a vibrant arts community, and a quaint and historic downtown. Located less than 2 hours from both New York City and Philadelphia, there are many opportunities to see some of the most visited areas of the USA. Please find out more about Lehigh at:

Students with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, or Computer Science would be well-suited to the position. Previous research experience and computer programming experience are desired, but not necessary with a strong willingness to learn. Students must submit undergraduate transcripts as well as GRE scores to apply. Further details about the application process can be found at:

Funding Notes

To receive support via stipend for living and tuition remittance, students will be assigned a teaching assistant (TA) position or graduate assistant (GA) position each semester. TAs are exposed to different teaching roles and work under different instructors across the course of their PhD period. These experiences make students more competitive and more ready to take on full-time faculty and staff positions when they finish their PhD. GAs are often involved in technical aspects of the department, and gain specialized skills. These roles help students become more well-rounded, while still leaving plenty of time for classes and research activities.

Deadline: January 01, 2018

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