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Funded PhD position; in Synthetic Biotechnology – Phenazines; at Friedrich Schiller University Jena; in Germany

 Required qualifications:

  • Masters degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering or comparable with excellent grades,
  • Mandatory knowledge and practical education in microbiology, desired knowledge in molecular biology, microbial ecology, and experimental design,
  • Scientific curiosity, motivation, creativity, and passion,
  • Team spirit, independent and cooperative work ethic,
  • Very good communication skills and English.

Central tasks:

  • Independent and strategic planning, managing and conducting of a research project (see below),
  • Preparation, communication and discussion of written and oral research reports within and outside of the research group,
  • Participation in project development and proposal preparation,
  • Preparation of a PhD thesis.

Project outline: Extracellular microbial electron transfer in microbial communities is an important trait for redox homeostasis, energy exchange and microbial communication. Phenazines from Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be utilized by diverse microorganisms to discharge surplus reducing equivalents to external electron acceptors. This feature can be exploited in bioelectrochemical systems, where biotechnologically relevant redox-transformations can be coupled to an electrochemical system via phenazines as redox-shuttles. The focus of this PhD project will be on the optimization of phenazine based extracellular electron transfer in an engineered strain of Pseudomonas putida to allow for anaerobic biocatalysis in this obligate aerobic bacterium.

The PhD position
(at 50%) is initially for a 3 year appointment; an extension is possible. The payscale follows the wage agreements for public employees of federal German states (TV-L13). Applications from disabled persons with essentially the same qualifications will be given preference.
For further information

Rosenbaum-Agler, Miriam, PI        


Please familiarize yourself with application process as described on this website and send your complete application documents until latest October 22nd 2017.

In order to apply via the online application portal, go to the button “Apply now!”.

Deadline: October 22, 2017.

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